Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wow it's been a super long time

It's funny. I come visit my own blog page on a pretty regular basis, probably once each work day. Unfortunately for you ( my two readers I believe ) I have only been visiting to see if my favorite reads on the left have been updated and then visiting them if they have been updated.

Part of the problem is that my entertainment time has been severely fragmented.

I grew bored of Fallen Earth about a month and a half into my three month subscription. I feel good about giving my little part to helping a great attempt at a post-apocalyptic MMO. There were just things about the game that didn't agree with me. It felt a bit too grindy and too solo-centric so I had no reason to form any sort of connections in the game even though I tried. I had gotten involved in a guild and tried to help my guildmates out, then we had the guild passed to different guild leaders twice as the leaders moved on to other guilds.

I started playing LoTRO when it became FTP and have leveled a hunter to 20 before finding the whole thing completely repetitious with no reason whatsoever to group. I would have like to see some dungeons and instances to visit prior to level 20. Most recently I started a new Loremaster, maybe I'll find it more engaging, being a pet class.

I also got dragged into the whole Minecraft thing. I spent my 10 Euro worth of US cash for both me and my wife. We had some multi-player fun together on a home server for a while. Now I just fire it up once in a while to kill some time digging holes or trying to figure out how to build traps. The game is a nice time waster and will be going to beta soon, at which point people won't be able to get into the pay half now and get the full game deal that Notch was offering.

I have also fortunately been able to play regularly in a Pen & Paper RPG with friends. We have four players and a GM meeting one Saturday a month to roam about a post-apocalyptic western United States. It has been a nice RPG diversion but I've been getting urges to find a weekly fantasy campaign to join in my area. So anyone out there know a game in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago that meets on a regular basis let me know.

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