Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pretend you're a player in a new campaign

Ok, so you're a player in a new RPG campaign I am putting together. I present you with the two paragraphs below. What I want to know is what I forgot to mention or what questions can I expect from my players?

You live in a world that is beset with wars over land,artifacts and people. From one year to the next people don’t know who they will owe tithes or sacrifices. Things are constantly in chaos and flux as warlords and wizards exert their power to to gain more power only to have their underlings revolt to seize their own power. The world was not always so, in the distant past the world was more stable and the gods bred fear among their worshippers.

Over 1000 years ago an organization was formed to oppose the control the gods enforced over their mortal subjects. The members acquired enough personal power, god powered items and elemental support to be able to challenge the gods themselves. The result was the down-throw of the gods leaving a world without direction and discipline. Once their mutual enemies were destroyed, individual members fought to gain control of the now godless lands and its people starting a seemingly never ending cycle of chaos, violence and death.

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