Friday, August 20, 2010

What do I do now?

I’ve just finished my extended tutorial, I’ve got my new horse, what do I do now?

In most cases there is an NPC that sends you to someone else in town to get you started, after that keep your eyes peeled for biohazard icons floating over NPC’s heads.Yel_biohaz Red_biohaz

These are your indicators that they have a mission for you or that you have one completed for them. If the npc has a mission for you to do then it the icon looks like the left one, it looks green on the mini-map but yellow in the game. If you are currently handling a mission for that NPC the icon shows up in red.

Run out and do your missions, if you decided on a tradeskill town you might end up acquiring all of the recipes you will need to start your tradeskilling career through questing, so don’t let those chips burn a hole in your pocket and buy any tradeskill book you see, wait until you’ve hit a couple of towns or decide that you REALLY have to have that book.

When it’s time to buy those books or even sell some of the garbage you got off the prairie chickens you killed earlier you visit a merchant, they are represented on your mini-map by poker chips, the standard currency of the area.


In this mini-map you can see:
  1. The name of the starter town ( Clinton FARM )
  2. a number of merchants
  3. my character position ( middle chevron )
  4. my mount ( green square at the bottom)
  5. the weapon workshop ( knife icon on the building to the top)
  6. some minerals ( orange blobs top left )
  7. the waypoint for my current quest ( red X top left )
  8. another player heading Northeast ( white arrow bottom )
  9. non-mission NPCs ( white dots )

Quite easy to read once you get used to it, but it can get busy especially in the towns that have many merchants.

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