Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A new chapter in my raiding life is set to start this week

After being turned down by my old raiding guild, they went on to have a breakdown of sorts and "take a break" from raiding. Since that announcement was made many of the raiders there have moved on to guilds that were still accepting the challenge of raiding.

My wife and I made a point of finding pug raids, getting an idea of what was out there and what was available to us. We had one invitation to a guild, but I didn't think the fit was quite right. They were trying to do 25mans but still had to pug a majority of their raiders. It seemed like they weren't quite able to make that last step and take down Anub with any consistency.

We had also fallen in with another regular pug group, her with her other holy priest, me with my mage that lives in a casual guild. This raid was able to breeze through regular ToC25, and it seemed like there was more consistency with the raiders that showed up ( success breeding success ). I found out later that the pug raid lead had run a large guild on another server for a while, he liked raiding but had grown tired of the work of running the guild. He moved to the Garona server where he tells me, "There is a large alliance population to draw raiders from".

So anyway, I tried for a couple of weeks in a row to get my paladin tank into the "good" raid so that I could gear up my main in similar gear to my mage alt. About two weeks ago I accomplished this feat, it seems that one of the tanks had let the raid leader know that he was not going to make it, enter Frostbeard. I was informed that I was tanking that night with the raid leader, I let him know that I was looking forward to it. Jump forward to 30 minutes before raid time, I was on my alt doing some dailies or something so my wife gets a whisper. "Do you think that Frostbeard could bring his mage instead of his tank?" I was disappointed to say the least, and with a sad face I turned to my wife, "But I wanted to finally tank with a good group again." So my wife responded that she didn't think I was interested in bringing my mage and was really looking forward to tanking. She heard back that he thought the tank had a number of alts and he'd get him to take a dps.


So we went on to rip though ToC25, unfortunately for the raid leader the tank trinket dropped and I won the roll. Then the raid leader grabbed me, the top healers and DPS and tore through Toc10 as well.

After running the 10 man, he told me and the wife that he was starting up a 10man guild for ICC but he already had three healers. He knew we were a package deal and if he didn't already have three healers he'd invite us both to the little guild. My wife told me to just go anyway and I was considering it, but about 30 minutes later he said that he got one of the healers to switch to a DPS alt and would we like to join them.

So now Frostbeard is the second tank in a 10man guild that the guild leader is planning on taking through all of the heroic modes and achievements. I'm really looking forward to it, hopefully he'll pug a few 25man raids as well to reap some of the 25man rewards as well.

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