Monday, October 12, 2009

A small update

It's gone dark here, mostly I think because I don't have much to say and partially because there aren't very many people listening here.

Well news for those who do listen here.

I have given in and have gone back to WoW.

It doesn't help that the love of my life never left and she has managed to pull me back in. First it was "I need a tank, can you play on my other account and tank for me?". It sort of grew from there. So I'm back in with both of my accounts, I've been busy trying to get my gear back in order and waiting for my application to be approved by the new guild that my old guild has become. It's been fun, and addictive and back to a grind. I don't like being guildless and playing russian roulette with pug raids, but it's all I have on the raiding scene at the moment. So that's what I've been doing at nights and weekends and work is work, which is good because if work wasn't work, then I'd probably be out of work.


  1. You need to work at pulling her out of the game and into something else. Like DDO. :P

  2. I've tried DDO and still play with Tarquin sometimes during lunch. I don't like it as much as WoW.

  3. Really? that's too bad :( I find it way more interesting and challenging that WoW ever managed to be. Of course, I'm playing permadeath style, which may add a lot to that....