Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well here's a rant of mine....

I assume others around the game have said this, I know that 25th November did but...

The new expansion is too easy.

I liked what they ended up doing with BC where they would have the leading edge of content to be a bit more challenging, then once the next tier of content came out they would re-adjust the earlier content. It allowed those who needed it to have a sense of accomplishment and those who just wanted to see new things their chance to see it a little later.

I've basically got one character well geared and I have no reason to play him except for 25 man raids and dailys. I'm expecting my hunter will go the same way, though a bit slower as he's not my raider and will not be getting the naxx25 level gear as quickly.

Once thing that I am also finding that once someone hits level 80 they are not necessarily ready for heroics, even though most think it is their Blizzard given right to jump into a heroic at first ding. I am also seeing similar things with Naxx, just because you're 80 does not mean you're ready. I know I wasn't uncrittable when I hit 80, I still needed to pick up a few blacksmithing epics as well as a decent tanking weapon.

I think it was patch 2.3 that they reduced the requirements for heroics to honored with the faction rather than revered. I can understand why people who were playing alts really like this change, but it also allowed people who were not geared enough or experienced enough for heroics to enter the LFG pool for them.

Which is more frustrating? Finding a group that is just not ready for a heroic and wipe constantly, or having to get your alt geared through instancing and maybe having to run a few more times for the rep to get into the heroic?

I prefer the latter.

Let me know what you think.

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