Sunday, January 4, 2009

A second character to 80

Well I just got my hunter to 80 on Friday evening, kinda exciting.

On Saturday my wife got me included as a package deal with her into a pug run on Sartharion. I won the T7.5 gloves after being 80 for less than a day :)... don't hate me because I'm lucky.

It seems like if I want to get stuff quickly I'm better off playing my hunter, on Sunday after running a few heroics and the PUG raid I have acquired 4 Valorous Emblems, 24 Heroic Emblems and 1 piece of T7, not bad for a first day.

Since my hunter isn't my raiding character I'm not expecting him to see much raiding action for the guild, so hopefully I'll be able to find some pug 25mans along the way. I still like playing him though, it's a nice change of pace from tanking.

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