Friday, June 24, 2011

Rift update

Well, we're still playing.  Our tank/healer combo have reached lvl 48 and we're still rolling and having a blast.

We have been skipping the instances though, mostly because of my insecurity in being a tank and not knowing all the instances and boss fights or having gear that is good enough.

My tank is the Paladin variety, with a decent sized dose of Warlord.  I'm going to put together a Void Knight build and use some of the information I found here to do things right.

My wife has spent some extra time when I wasn't around doing warfronts, she has found them really fun.  I on the other hand will join her from time to time but find them frustrating.  Sometimes you end up in a wonderful raid group where everyone knows what they're doing and what the goal is.  Other times I end up in groups of people that seem to peel off from the main goal and have side skirmishes while the enemy is focusing on the goal of the warfront.  It feels like swimming against the current.

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