Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ooh now I have something to write about.

With Ulduar's release I think you could tell by some of my earlier posts that I was very happy to finally be challenged by the game again. I thought that finally Blizzard realized their mistake with Naxx and was going to give the skilled raiders ( and they don't have to be hardcore ) what they were looking for.

Now I assumed after a bit of time, perhaps 2 months prior to the next raid instance release, they would start making the encounters easier and allow some of the less capable people to raid further into Ulduar.

But alas, this is not the case. As posted in this thread Blizzard will start the nerfing early and apparently often. Why just in my previous blog I was complaining about Auriaya, but in the end I hope you got the impression that it was a challenge I enjoyed and embraced and obviously would be going back for more beatings until we overcame the challenge.

According to this thread http://forums.worldofwarcraft.comthread.html?topicId=16473764809&sid=1 the first five bosses and the one that I'm pretty sure we'll beat this week are still too hard. What? We are by no means a "Hardcore" guild, we raid for nine hours a week. Eighteen hours of learning to beat five bosses, is that hard? We by no means expected to skate on through, saving the world from Yogg-Saron in the matter of two weeks of raiding. What we got was what most of my guild expected, a steady challenge of progression through a difficult raid instance.

Why is Blizzard doing this? Were they losing people from the game because they couldn't get through Ulduar? Hell, I've recently gone into Naxx with my alts and there are still people who can't do the fights there. Naxx is more than enough challenge for that group of raiders.

I don't know what Blizzard is thinking, or if they are thinking. I have already canceled my account, it ends in June. At this point I don't know if I will be reactivating it, I was planning on doing that, but now I'm happy I didn't. If the nerfs continue as hard as they have I know I won't.

Blizzard, please slow down on the nerfs, the really casual players will get there eventually. Most of them still need to figure out Naxx.


  1. "I have already canceled my account, it ends in June."

    ACK! *slap slap slap* I'll be one unhappy bear if that happens. Is your wife canceling too?

  2. I cancelled a number of weeks ago, when I was taking my break from boredom. She hasn't but I get the impression that if I stop playing she will, but we shall see. I expected to re-subscribe before my time ran out, but as you have read I may have to re-think that plan.

  3. Good writeup and I hope to see more raiders voicing displeasure at how Blizzard has handled content tuning.

    We waited many months for this patch and I expect we won't see 3.2 (another raid) until September. So much for enjoying the new content....3-4 more raid cycles and it'll be Naxx all over again :(

  4. @anon

    Thanks for the comment, appreciate the support. I still have to put together my opinion of the nerfs after I have experienced them.